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Calypso Network Association

Calypso is the electronic ticketing standard which defines the secured dialogue between cards and terminal.
It was developed by a group of European partners from the cities of Brussels in Belgium, Lisbon in Portugal, Konstanz in Germany, Paris in France and Venice in Italy.
The main tasks of Calypso Networks Association are to:

Establish long lasting relations with all the partners using the Calypso specifications.
Define and direct the reference specifications.
Implement a certification policy, to guarantee the compatibility of all current and future products.
Establish a Calypso label issued by an independent organisation.
Promote Calypso to operators and manufactures to yield its distribution.
Contribute to the international standardisation process.
Facilitate and harmonise the shared members' needs and experiences.
Encourage all actions of mutual assistance in the implementation of Calypso e- ticketing systems.


  ERTICO is a Europe-wide, not-for-profit, public / private partnership for the implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS). It is involved in a wide variety of ITS projects addressing everything from technology and service development and testing to integration and implementation. Most of these initiatives receive financial support from the European Commission, with ERTICO acting mostly as project coordinator.
For further information, please visit :



EuroTag is an independent educational forum for the RFID industry (from vendors through to users), offering its members an in-depth understanding of the various types of RFID/tagging products and technologies as they arrive in this busy market sector. EuroTag addresses the harmonisation of European tagging initiatives, and ensure that the right degree of interoperability exists between products and across borders.



The Institute of Logistics and Transport (ILT)

is the leading professional body for transport, logistics and integrated supply-chain management. The Institute caters for a membership of some 22,500 logistics and transport professionals. It provides a range of services including education and training, Faculties and Forums, Regions, conferences, seminars and publications including a monthly journal, Logistics & Transport Focus.



AIM is the worldwide authority on automatic identification, data collection, and networking in a mobile environment.
AIM is the global trade association of providers and users of components, networks, systems, and services that manage the collection and integration of data with information management systems. AIM strives to stimulate the understanding, adoption, and use of technology and member company products and services through setting standards, marketing and education, market research, advocacy, and information technology industry relations.



The site has been developed to assist all who have an interest in the development and use of public transport smartcards that seek to offer inter operable multi modal services at some point in their development. The site offers publications.



The Smart Card Alliance is a not-for profit, multi-industry association of over 185 member firms working to accelerate the widespread acceptance of multiple application smart card technology. Our membership includes leading companies in the banking, financial services, computer, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, retail, and entertainment industries, as well as a number of government agencies. The convergence of these major industry players is unprecedented and represents a shared vision and commitment to providing an interoperable platform for the delivery of a new generation of products and services based on smart card technology.
Publications and white paper on contactless technology are available on the site.



The Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (TLMI ) is North America's leading trade association dedicated to the tag and label industry. TLMI member companies are among the world leaders in technical achievement, capable of delivering the highest quality tags and labels for both decoration and information. Throughout the year, TLMI holds technical seminars and forums designed to educate its members and improve product quality and production efficiency. As a result, TLMI member companies use the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and technology in meeting their customers' tag and label needs.



For more than a decade, the AVISIAN team has been 'seeing forward' with respect to identification technologies. The founders have long believed that key advances in this area held the promise for profound enhancement of individual security, convenience, and privacy. Focused work with RFID, smart cards, and traditional ID technologies, form the basis of AVISIAN's core business lines-–publishing, marketing, and consulting for the identification technology market.




CLUB, is an information exchange plateform for transport operators willing to share their results about the contactless smartcard technology and progress together.





Working Group in Contactless Chip Card Systems and Electronic Ticketing